Humane Learning


The Humane Learning Area encompasses a wide variety of subjects, including literature, languages, philosophy, history, fine arts, and theology, many of which are part of the college’s liberal arts curriculum. Humanities majors work with a faculty member to create a personalized, interdisciplinary major that helps them see and explore the connections and relationships between disciplines, as well as the Christian faith. The English major can be tailored to focus on teaching, writing, or preparation for graduate school. An advanced writing course offers writers a great way to hone their skills and includes a trip to the national Festival of Faith and Writing, where they can meet writers, editors, and publishers. All students are encouraged to participate in the student-edited literary magazine, The Phoenix. Popular courses include Fiction of C. S. Lewis, Medieval Literature, Fiction by Women, Images of Jesus in the Arts, Japanese Literature, and more.

Study Abroad

Spending a semester in an off-campus study program is strongly encouraged. Opportunities include Australia, China, Costa Rica, the Middle East, Russia, Oxford, and Uganda through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. The popular Humanities European Study Tour offers a multi-week tour of historical and cultural sites, led by Milligan professors.


Milligan’s faculty are recognized and published scholars. They have doctoral degrees from the Universities of Tennessee, South Carolina, Wisconsin-Madison, Notre Dame, Duke, Indiana, Virginia Tech, Emory, and Maryland. They are excellent teachers and caring mentors.

Successful Graduates

Many grads are teaching English or literature in public and private schools and colleges. Some are journalists, editors, or creative writers. Some are practicing law. Still others have gone on to work in public relations, to study library science or information technology, and to work in marketing, customer assistance, and in other aspects of the business world. Others have pursued graduate studies, including architecture, English, theology, and medical school.