Area of Education

NCATE logoFor over 100 years, Milligan has been preparing teachers. Today, Milligan alumni are leading educators in Northeast Tennessee and throughout the nation and world. Milligan is approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and is one of only 600 institutions accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. NCATE accreditation means your degree from Milligan is instantly recognized throughout the country for its quality – you can qualify for licensure in Tennessee and can be licensed in other states.

Caring & Reflecting Professionals

Every child deserves a quality teacher and caregiver, so Milligan aims to prepare professionals who integrate their Christian faith, social responsibility, and knowledge and skills to contribute to a responsible and caring community. Whether you want to teach in a public or private school, lead youth organizations or child development centers, coach or provide fitness and wellness training or be an administrator, Milligan’s Area of Education can help you reach your goals.

Choose Your Major

Teacher education students select a major area of study most closely related to what they would like to teach, plus complete licensure courses required to enter the teaching profession in public schools. So if you want to be a history teacher, then you should major in History.

>> Click here for a chart that will help you choose the right major for what you want to teach.


Teachers are required to complete certain state-mandated requirements for teaching certification. Elementary school teaching credentials are usually general, which means the teacher can teach a wide variety of subjects. Middle and secondary school teachers specialize in a specific subject, such as English, Spanish, mathematics, history, or biology. At Milligan, you can obtain professional licensure to teach at the following levels:

  • Early childhood (PreK-3)
  • Elementary (K-5)
  • Middle Grades (4-8)
  • Secondary (6-12)
  • Special Education (PreK-3)
  • Specialty Fields (K-12)

For your licensure, you’ll complete teacher education courses such as Intro to Teaching, Technology in Education, Classroom Management, Psychology and Education of Exceptional Students, and Assessment, among others. You’ll also complete supervised field experiences and student teaching in public or private partner schools in nearby communities. These are wonderful opportunities to put your classroom learning into practice and further develop your professional teaching competencies.

Internship & Student Teaching

You’ll get extensive field experience in local schools or organizations appropriate to your major and area of interest. A required internship will provide a sustained supervised experience, working directly with master teachers or other organization leaders as mentors. Teacher candidates complete supervised field experiences and student teaching.

Outstanding Reputation

For many decades, Milligan has enjoyed a strong partnership with area school systems. The college’s reputation for producing well-prepared, creative, commited teachers is unparalleled. School administrators consistently look to Milligan as a resource for both hiring and training, regularly calling on faculty to lead workshops for in-services and to collaborate on various education issues. Thousands of our graduates are serving as teachers, coaches, counselors, and administrators in schools across the United States.


Milligan’s education program has a reputation for producing quality educators and leaders with a strong dedication to their students. Milligan is one of nine private colleges in Tennessee accredited by NCATE, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (2010 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036; 202.466.7496), which means your degree from Milligan is instantly recognized throughout the country for its quality. Research has shown that graduates from NCATE institutions significantly outperform those from other institutions on National Teacher Examinations.

Successful Graduates

Our graduates are serving as teachers, school administrators, and youth program leaders throughout the country, and many go on to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees. HPXS grads are successful in the allied health and wellness industry and many complete graduate studies.


Dr. Rich Aubrey

Rich Aubrey

Women's Basketball Coach; Adjunct Instructor of HPXS; Apartment Manager

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Dr. Lyn Howell

Lyn Howell

The Paul Clark Chair of Teacher Education; Professor of Education

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