A Christ-Centered College

Our conviction is that the primary question, "What does it mean to be human?" cannot be answered apart from the question, "Who is God?" Exploring how different subjects such as the humanities and sciences relate to each other, and seeing God's hand in all subjects -- whether accounting, history, or fine arts -- is important to your personal growth. This interplay between Christian commitment and academic rigor is central to Milligan's identity and purpose.

It is a distinguishing characteristic of Milligan College that each course is taught with an awareness of how it fits into a biblical worldview. Such teaching is assured by the selection of a faculty who are strong and active in their Christian faith.

Throughout a student's years at Milligan, the Christian faith is intentionally shared and explored throughout the curriculum. Courses in the core curriculum include College and Calling, Old Testament, New Testament, and our senior capstone course, Christ and Culture. These courses examine how contemporary Western culture affects how Christians understand and embody their faith, and they encourage students to respond to these challenges.

Church Affiliation

Throughout its history, Milligan College has maintained an active relationship with the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Committed to the restoration of New Testament Christianity and the unity of all believers, these congregations are a dynamic and growing fellowship.

The Christian people participating in this movement consistently disclaim denominational status, and the faculty and trustees of the College maintain an intelligent awareness of a commitment to this position. The members of Milligan College feel that such a nondenominational position permits them to examine all aspects of life, secular and religious, in the light of the New Testament, unrestricted by human tradition.

In this view of Christian faith, all vocations, avocations, and associations permitting the exercise of fellowship under the Lordship of Christ are expressions of good citizenship under God, in state, in church, and in society. In the Milligan College tradition students are confronted with a synthesis of learning. The College regards this synthesis of learning as essential to the understanding of and personal responsibility in the various relationships in life for the stewardship of which all must give account before God and humanity.

Accordingly, no denominational or creedal tests are imposed upon any student in admission to membership in Milligan College or in the attainment of any of its honors, awards, or degrees.

cccuCouncil for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)

According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are over 4,000 degree-granting institutions of higher education in the United States. These include 1,600 private, nonprofit campuses, about 900 of which define themselves as “religiously affiliated.” However, only 102 intentionally Christ-centered institutions in the U.S. have qualified for membership in the Council for Christian College & Universities. Milligan is one of these 102 institutions.