Raise Your World



Career goal.

I'm an accountant with Heartland Payment Systems. I want to be a financial manager or CFO for a corporation and eventually start my own business. I also love various genres of music. I play percussion, piano, and I sing. I'm also very competitive when it comes to sports.

Why I chose Milligan.

I chose Milligan because of the reputation of the school, along with the convenience of the program with my work schedule.

What makes Milligan different.

The way the faculty cared so much about me as an individual makes Milligan different. I felt like more than just a number in a section. I also had never experienced classes where they integrate a Christian aspect with business like they do at Milligan.

The future.

Milligan has definitely expanded my knowledge of the business field by showing me ways to express myself as a child of God while being in the business world.

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