Raise Your World



Career goals.

I'm a biology major, with chemistry and psychology minors. I want to go to medical school and to do primary care in a family practice setting.

Why I chose Milligan.

It was a God thing. I was looking at different schools and I resisted Milligan at first because my dad and his siblings had gone there and I wanted to do my own thing. But the more I visited campus, the more I felt at home. Scholarships came through and it fit perfectly. I like the size of the campus where you get to know each other well.

The best part about Milligan.

I loved the community of dorm life, where you can go up and down the halls and visit 15 friends in a row. I love the student-faculty dynamics. The professors are really there for you. They're not just standing up in front of you giving a lecture. They're right there with you after class, getting you through the assignments or whatever questions or issues you may have, even if it's a life issue not related to class. It's easy to get involved on campus. Anything you want to do, there are opportunities -- SGA, SUB7, clubs, and organizations -- they're all really great.

How Milligan is unique.

The Christian atmosphere at Milligan is special. Having brothers and sisters in Christ who are going through life in college and experiencing the same things you are is helpful. It's nice having people who have similar perspectives and yet enough different ideas to make life interesting.

Future goals.

I want my medical practice to be holistic, centered on body, mind, and spirit. It's wonderful including those aspects in learning and learning to include them in my practice, too. The science program at Milligan is very strong, with a gross anatomy lab and first-class learning opportunities you wouldn't find even at many larger schools.

I hope to take from Milligan the feeling of family that has developed among my close friends. The people you meet the first day -- you realize they're the ones who will get you through the next four years of your life.

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