Raise Your World




I chose Milligan because my dad is a Milligan alum, and I grew up hearing about the college. It is also a school known for great thinkers and that is a legacy I admire and want to continue in my own life.

Equipping Godly professionals.

Milligan educates students to be thinkers in all aspects of life, which has greatly aided my daily walk.  Incorporated in this concept is the belief that all majors should prepare students for a Christ-centered life, no matter their career path.  Milligan better equips individuals with this mindset by offering students a variety of majors, not just Bible or ministry majors. 

Understanding the world around me.

Milligan has taught me how to think and approach all types of situations in the future.  I have been equipped with a passion for recognizing where I come from and, more importantly, recognizing where others come from in order to better understand the world around me.

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