Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
for Milligan College

What is a QEP?

QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan. The QEP is a required initiative that outlines a new, long-term program chosen by the college to enhance learning for its students. A QEP is designed to complement a college's existing programs to improve the college's learning environment, strengthen student learning outcomes, and support the mission of the institution.

A QEP includes the following components:

  • a focused topic, directly related to student learning
  • clear goals
  • adequate resources in place to implement the plan
  • evaluation strategies for assessing the achievement of the QEP goals
  • institution-wide development and support of the plan

Development and implementation of Milligan's QEP:

  • assessed the current state of student learning at the college (2009-10)
  • identified a preliminary list of topics (Faculty Retreat, Fall 2009)
  • gathered topic recommendations and input from faculty and students (Fall 2010)
  • evaluated topics based on their viability and fit with the college mission (Spring-Fall 2010)
  • selected topic (Spring 2011)
  • developed the plan (Summer-Fall 2011)
  • undergo evaluation and campus visit by SACS (March 2012)
  • implement the plan (2012-2016)
  • measure and evaluate the results of the plan (2012-2016)

QEP Committee

Theresa Garbe Chair, Director of Alumni Relations
Michael Whitney Assistant Professor of Biology
Joy Drinnon Associate Professor of Psychology
David Campbell Assistant Professor of Econmics
Lee Blackburn Assistant Professor of History & Humanities
Mary Jackson Research and Instruction Librarian
Mark Matson Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean
Jacqui Steadman Vice President for Finance & Business
Sue Skidmore Associate Dean and Registrar
Beth Anderson Director of the Institute for Servant Leadership and Calling & Career Exploration
Lee Fierbaugh Vice President for Marketing & Enrollment
Adam Tomlinson Student, Class of 2012
Lindsey Meding Student, Class of 2013
Mark Webb Trustee

Milligan's QEP Project

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