Inauguration Committee

Lee Fierbaugh
Vice President for Marketing & Enrollment
Chair, Presidential Inauguration Committee

Bill Greer
Milligan College President
Ex-Officio Member

Edwina Greer
Milligan College First Lady
Ex-Officio Member

David Hamilton
Chair, Milligan College Board of Trustees
Ex-Officio Member

Kathy Barnes, Administrative Assistant to the President
Co-Chair, Invitation Subcommittee

Shirley Brookshire, Advancement Assistant
Co-Chair, Invitation Subcommittee

Kellie Brown, Associate Professor of Music
Chair, Fine Arts Subcommittee

David Campbell, Assistant Professor of Economics & Business
Chair, Academic Lecture Subcommittee

Phyllis Fox, Director of Church Relations
Chair, Prayer & Worship Subcommittee

Theresa Garbe, Director of Alumni Relations
Chair, Delegate Luncheon Subcommittee

Debbie Harbin, Academic Affairs Assistant
Chair, Delegate & Guest Services Subcommittee

Clint Holloway, President, Alumni Association
Chair, History & Heritage Subcommittee

Clarinda Jeanes, Associated Ladies for Milligan
Chair, Inaugural Dinner Subcommittee

Pat Magness, Professor of Humanities
Chair, Inaugural Ceremony Subcommittee

Mark Matson, Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean

Katy Mosby, Director of Campus Activities
Co-Chair, Student Events & Participation Subcommittee

Brent Nipper, Director of Property & Risk Management

Chandrea Shell, Director of Public Relations
Chair, Publications & Promotions Subcommittee

Jack Simpson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Shannon Slaughter, SGA President
Co-Chair, Student Events & Participation Subcommittee

Rhajon Smith, Director of Development
Chair, Local Arrangements Subcommittee