IRB: Proposal

It is the responsibility of the principal investigator(s) to submit a research proposal to the Milligan IRB committee. Investigators should refer to the following proposal guidelines when preparing their typed proposal.

(Excerpt from the Checklist for Proposed Research Involving Human Subjects )

  1. Clearly states title of project.
  2. Clearly lists names of principal investigators and research assistants.
  3. Clearly states collaborators from outside institutions.
  4. Includes general statements of the problem and research question(s) to be tested by the proposed research.
  5. Provides a description of the overall plan and procedures and methods. (Attach any questionnaires, interview protocols, and/or testing instruments as well as cover letter or instructions to subject.)
  6. Lists relevant characteristics and source of participants. Describes how participants will be recruited.
  7. Describes how participants will be selected for participation in the project and any remuneration to be received by the subject.
  8. Explains source of funding for project if applicable.
  9. States expected starting and completion dates for project.
  10. Outlines potential benefit of the project to the individual participant, group of participants, or society in general
  11. Outlines potential risks to participants and the measures that will be taken to minimize such risks.
  12. Specifies procedures developed with respect to the anonymity of the participants and the confidentiality of their responses. Indicates what personal identifying indicators will be kept on subjects. Specifies procedures for storage and ultimate disposal of personal information.
  13. Specifies how subjects will be informed of the nature of their participation in the project, that their participation is voluntary, and that their responses are confidential. Includes a copy of any written consent forms that will be used or gives an explanation for why written consent is not feasible or necessary.
  14. Specifies any special population (e.g., children) involved in the project and describes the procedures for obtaining the appropriate consent.
  15. States that documentation of permission from the institution or organization, which has the responsibility for the participants, has been submitted to the Committee before final approval can be given.
  16. Specifies how the findings will be used or disseminated (e.g. professional publications, media, employers).
  17. Describes plans for researchers to provide some summary of findings to participants or a rationale for why this is not tenable.


  1. Describes if the participants will be exposed to any psychological interventions such as deception, contrived social situations, manipulations of attitudes, opinions, or self-esteem, psychotherapeutic procedures, or other psychological influences.
  2. Describes procedures for follow-up and/or debriefing.
  3. Specifies any procedures that will be designed to address any adverse effect from participating in the study.

You must attach a completed cover sheet (pdf) to your proposal and obtain any necessary signatures before submitting your proposal to the IRB.

You may use the example proposal (pdf) as a guide
when writing your own proposal.