IRB: Level of Review

(Excerpt from the Checklist for Proposed Research Involving Human Subjects)

Please determine the appropriate category for your research project: 

__________ Project Category I (Expedited Review)

This includes the following categories of research:

  • Anonymous, mail, e-mail, or telephone surveys on innocuous topics

  • Anonymous, non-interactive, nonparticipating observation of public behavior

  • Secondary analysis of existing data

  • Research on PK-12 educational curriculum or teaching methods involving educational practices

  • Research involving the use of educational and psychological tests if information taken from these sources is recorded in such a manner that subjects cannot be identified and there is no psychological intervention, physiological intervention, or deception

  • Interviews and interactive surveys on innocuous topics

  • Experimental studies that involve no risk or deception

  • Noncurricula, interactive research in schools


_________ Project Category II (Full Review)

  • Research that might put subjects at risk (physical, psychological, or social)

  • Research involving psychological or physiological intervention

  • Research involving deception

  • Interviews or surveys on sensitive topics

  • Research with special populations (e.g., minors outside of the normal educational program, prisoners, and mental incompetent)