First Year Experience

Milligan Foundations

Introduction to College & Service (MLGN 100)
This course introduces all first year students to the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in college. These include an appreciation of oneself, one's skills and talents, others and their skills and talents, management of resources such as talents, time and money, and an awareness of the history and culture of Milligan. Required of all freshmen during the first semester of attendance.

Introduction to Calling and Career (MLGN 200)
It's never too early to start thinking about your career! This course is taken during the sophomore year and focuses on building behaviors and skills necessary to discern, identify, explore, and prepare for a career related to a student's calling and choice of academic major. Students receive an introduction to basic career practices, such as networking, resume prep, etiquette training, and job search practices.


It is a distinguishing characteristic of Milligan College that each course is taught with an awareness of how it fits into a biblical worldview. In their first year, all students are also required to take two courses to provide a foundational understanding of the Christian scriptures.

Old Testament Survey (BIBL 123)
An examination of the Old Testament, its content, background, and significance. Required of all students. Offered fall term each year.

New Testament Survey (BIBL 124)
A student of the New Testament, including a survey of its Jewish and Hellenistic backgrounds. Required of all students. Offered spring term each year.