Writing Competency

Updated Fall 2013

All students must demonstrate writing proficiency. All transfer students, including students with dual enrollment credits, will complete a writing sample when they enter Milligan College. Students who have earned a grade of C- or better in comparable composition courses at other institutions will be granted transfer credit equivalent to having satisfactorily completed COMP 111 and/or COMP 211 at Milligan College. Students whose writing sample indicates deficiencies will be assigned a remediation protocol that is appropriate to the student’s situation and needs; this protocol will be assigned by the Director of Writing and must be pursued in the first semester of enrollment. This protocol may include one or more of the following:

    1. an earned grade of C- or better in COMP 145: Writing Proficiency, 1 hr.

    2. tutoring in specific areas of deficiency followed by a successful score on writing sample

    3. tutoring through the Milligan College Virtual Writing Center followed by a successful score on writing sample

    4. other specified remediation as appropriate followed by a successful score on writing sample

Students requiring remediation under protocols 2-4 will be allowed to enroll for no more than one semester at Milligan prior to demonstrating adequate competency by completing the required protocols and retaking the writing sample. The writing sample will be administered near the beginning of each fall and spring semester and at other times as required for the students to demonstrate writing proficiency.