Public Leadership and Service

Area of Social Learning

Updated Fall 2013

The public leadership and service major (B.A.) supports the following goals of Milligan College:

The public leadership and service major prepares students to be Christian leaders for both private and public arenas, but especially in the public service areas such as non-profit organizations and governmental service. In particular, graduates of this program should be prepared to:

Graduates with a major in public leadership and service are expected to:

The public leadership and service program consists of 48 semester hours of credit and requires a minimum of 2.25 grade point average in the major to graduate. It is available only as a Bachelor of Arts degree to ensure the awareness of, and literacy in, an international language.

Emphasis One: On the Milligan College Campus Exclusively

Required courses in the major:

Electives (6 hrs) selected from the following:

The following general education requirements are fulfilled in Emphasis One:

Total number of required hours in the major: 48

To earn a bachelor’s degree, a student must complete 128 semester hours in courses with course numbers at the 100 level or above. In addition to courses in the major (and minor, if chosen), students must complete the requirements for a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree as described on Pages 41-43 of the 2013-14 catalog. The B.A. degree requires foreign language through the intermediate level.

Senior Major Exam

The senior major exam, which is required of all baccalaureate degree-seeking students and evaluates the students in their major fields of study, is administered during the semester in which the student plans to graduate. Students pursuing double majors must complete a major exam in each major. The senior major exam for Public Leadership and Service is a comprehensive application, displayed in narrative written form and applied to actual working situations, of the skills and knowledge obtained in the Public Leadership and Service program of classroom study and field experiences. All Public Leadership and Service majors must complete this exam prior to graduation.