Leadership (Certificate)

Area of Social Learning

Updated Fall 2013
Study leading toward a Certificate in Leadership is specifically designed for students in any major who want to cultivate their skills in critical thinking and analysis within the field of leadership development, who want to understand how various leadership theories can be applied within groups and organizations, and who want to become effective leaders in their personal and professional lives. The Certificate in Leadership combines both a) focused academic studies and b) supervised, assessed, co-curricular activities to provide students with conceptual competencies and practical skills. These will enable students to engage their professional, volunteer, and personal environments as effective servants-leaders. A central purpose of the certificate program is to provide a well-designed leadership complement for the students’ respective majors.

Leadership certificate (15 hrs plus co-curricular activities)

Required courses for the certificate:

Co-curricular Activities

  1. Leadership Portfolio which chronicles and evaluates the student’s leadership growth and involvement throughout the student’s college career. The portfolio includes:

    1. Student’s application for completion of the Certificate in Leadership Program (attached). This application is to be filed jointly in the Registrar’s Office and with the ISL Director before the end of the semester which precedes the student’s final semester. The application lists the courses (completed courses, courses in which the student is currently enrolled, and courses the student anticipates completing during the student’s final semester) which fulfill the academic requirements of the certificate.

    2. In addition, the student will write a five-page essay which clearly demonstrates how the 15 hours of academic preparation and the co-curricular activities of the certificate program have prepared the student for leadership roles. Deadline for completion of the essay is November 15 (for December graduates) and April 15 (for May graduates). The essay should be submitted to the ISL Director.

    3. Documentation of volunteer activities.

    4. Documentation of leadership roles in campus groups and/or groups outside the Milligan campus, including a Leadership Reflection Journal based on the student’s leadership experiences and explaining how those experiences have influenced the student’s development as leader.

    5. Written formal evaluation of the portfolio by a committee of two Milligan faculty members, one of whom teaches in the student’s major; a staff member in Student Leadership; and the field supervisor of the XXX 491. The two-part evaluation will focus prior to the XXX 491 activity on the appropriateness of responsibilities and leadership opportunities and after on the quality of the student’s performance in the field. The student is responsible for securing the participation of the two faculty members.

  2. Leadership participation in the Sophomore Discernment Clinic (“The Summit”) and Junior Service Project, or suitable alternative programs as determined by the ISL director. Recorded reflections of participation in these events should be included in the student’s Leadership Reflection Journal.

    Written formal evaluation of the student’s leadership participation in “The Summit” and the Junior Service Project (or suitable alternative program) will be completed by a 4-member committee composed of two Milligan College faculty members (one of whom participates in one of the designated events), an ISL staff member, and a student leader selected by the ISL office. The completed formal evaluation will be added to the student’s portfolio.

Recording and recognition

The Certificate in Leadership will be recorded on the student’s transcript as “Certificate in Leadership.”