Ethnic Studies

Area of Social Learning

Updated Fall 2013

The Ethnic Studies minor is designed for those students 1) who seek to further their studies in ethnicity beyond the single core course required of every Milligan College traditional undergraduate student as part of the General Education Requirements and 2) who desire to probe the distinctive contributions of people from all ethnicities. One of the strengths of the minor is the range of choices it provides students, who are offered a broad set of course selections across several disciplines to fulfill the minor’s requirements.

The Ethnic Studies minor supports the following goals of Milligan College:

The Ethnic Studies minor provides a broad initial foundation for the study of ethnicities, ethnic groups, dynamics of ethnic processes and encounters, ethnic literature, the history of specific ethnic groups, ethnic music, and legal issues which intersect with ethnicity and specific ethnic groups. Students are offered the opportunity to craft a minor which will complement their major field of study and better position them for the emerging ethnic challenges of an increasingly diverse 21st century world..

Ethnic Studies minor

The minor requires any six courses from among approved ethnic studies courses listed below (18 hrs).

Please note that:

  1. Students are encouraged to take courses from a variety of disciplines/academic areas but are not required to take certain courses from certain areas.
  2. Students who complete a study-abroad program approved for ethnic studies credit are able to waive one of the six required ethnic studies courses.

Approved ethnic studies courses

The following general education requirements are/could be fulfilled in the minor:

Total number of required hours: 18

The following Semester Abroad Programs are also approved for Ethnic Studies credit: