Digital Media Studies

Area of Performing, Visual, and Communicative Arts

Updated Fall 2013

Communications major - B.A. or B.S.
(39 hrs)

Emphasis in Digital Media Studies

A student may declare a communications major with an emphasis in Digital Media Studies. For further information on this major, refer to the information under the listing “Communications.”

A minor in Digital Media Studies may be obtained by following the program of study listed below:

Digital Media Studies minor

The Digital Media Studies minor emphasizes skills and professional knowledge for students who are pursuing majors in other academic areas. This minor would be appropriate for students who have a strong interest in digital media but wish to graduate with a major in another field. This minor would work well for those majoring in Fine Arts/Photography or Youth Ministry to name a few. Students who wish to minor in Digital Media Studies are encouraged to meet with the professor over the Digital Media Studies Major/Minor.

Required courses in the minor:

Total number of required hours: 21