Area of Humane Learning

Craig S. Farmer, Area Chair

Updated Fall 2013



Additional Areas of Study


The composition requirements of the college ensure that all graduates will be able to write effectively, utilizing the conventions of standard written English, and will be able to undertake basic academic research, employing a variety of learning resources and technologies.

For more information about Milligan's Composition program, see the "Composition" listing in the catalog.


German supports the following goals of Milligan College:

German is Europe’s most widely distributed language. The official language of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, German is the language of Europe’s foremost business economy. Students of music, psychology, theology, and the laboratory sciences find German to be of inestimable value. Mastery of German at the intermediate level equips students to read, write, converse, and do basic academic research.

Two years of German study are available regularly, and advanced courses are available by individual arrangement with the professor.


Hebrew supports the following goals of Milligan College:

Elementary and Intermediate Hebrew are offered periodically and will fulfill the language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree.

The B.A. degree requires foreign language through the intermediate level.