Language Arts

Area of Humane Learning

Updated Fall 2013

The language arts major supports the following goal of Milligan College:

Graduates who earn a language arts major go on to teach in public and private schools, to study library science/information technology, and to work in marketing, customer assistance, and other aspects of the business world.

The course of study in language arts is designed to enable students:

  1. To read literary texts with appreciation and understanding;
  2. To write clearly and effectively;
  3. To acquire a broad knowledge base in literature, language, and theatre arts which will enable them to pursue a career in middle grades education or other related fields.

There is no language arts minor.

Language Arts major – B.A.

Required courses in the major:

The following general education requirement is fulfilled in the major:

Total number of required hours: 33

To earn a bachelor’s degree, a student must complete 128 semester hours in courses with course numbers at the 100 level or above. In addition to courses in the major (and minor, if applicable), students must complete the requirements for a bachelor of arts degree as described on Pages 41-43 of the 2013-14 catalog. The B.A. degree requires foreign language through the intermediate level.

Senior Major Exam

The senior major exam, which is required of all baccalaureate degree-seeking students and evaluates the students in their major fields of study, is administered during the semester in which the student plans to graduate. Students pursuing double majors must complete a major exam in each major. The senior major exam for Language Arts is the ETS Major Field Test Literature in English II.

Language Arts major (Elementary and Middle Grades licensure)

Required courses in the major:

For additional information about the teacher licensure program, including a list of courses required for licensure, see the Education: Licensure Programs section of the catalog.