Child and Youth Development

Area of Education

Updated Fall 2013

The child and youth development major supports the following goals of Milligan College:

n  Students will demonstrate sound scholarship through their ability to read and think analytically and critically, to communicate clearly and effectively, to evidence knowledge and competencies in the liberal arts and the natural and social sciences, and to understand a significant body of material in their major fields of study.

n  Students will demonstrate social responsibility in numerous ways, such as serving in churches, on the mission field (domestic and foreign), and with social agencies; mentoring, nurturing, and protecting others; and displaying increased understanding of and experience with other cultures.

n  Students will gain an enriched quality of life through awareness of health issues, appreciation for both the arts and sciences, stewardship of resources, and preparation for graduate studies and a rewarding career or profession.

Milligan College offers a child and youth development major for persons who wish to prepare for careers in working with children from birth through seventeen years of age. The mission of the program is to prepare caring and reflecting professionals who integrate their Christian faith, social responsibility, and sound scholarship in order to contribute to a responsible and caring community.

Completion of the program prepares an individual for employment in a variety of settings including youth-serving organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and military youth programs and private, governmental, and nonprofit early childhood programs such as Head Start, church preschools, military child development centers, and other settings that do not require public school licensure.

With the successful completion of the early childhood emphasis and additional courses, the program can lead to licensure for persons who wish to teach in PreK-3 or K-6. The child and youth development program includes general education courses, core courses for the major, and an emphasis in either early childhood administration, early childhood education, or youth program administration, and elective courses.

Students must complete the general education requirements, the core requirements, and the requirements for one of the five emphases.

The senior exit exam for the Child and Youth Development major is the Praxis II for licensure-seeking students or a faculty-created exam for non-licensure-seeking students.

Child and Youth Development major – B.A or B.S.

General Education Requirements (52-64 hrs)

Required core courses in the major (14 unduplicated hrs)

Non-licensure emphases

Early Childhood Administration (16 hrs)


Early Childhood Education (17 hrs)


Youth Program Administration (non-licensure) (19 hrs)


Students may also obtain Tennessee state licensure to teach in pre-kindergarten through third grade or in Kindergarten through sixth grade by completing the Child and Youth Development major with the licensure option.

PreK-3 and K-6 licensure emphases

(Requires admission to the professional level of teacher education)

The coursework below is in addition to General Education Requirements and Core listed above.

Emphasis in Early Childhood Education with PreK-3 Licensure (15 hrs)

Educational Studies (33 hrs)

Verification of CPR and/or first aid competency that is current is required for student teaching.


Emphasis in K-6 (18 hrs)

Educational Studies (31 hrs)

Verification of CPR and/or first aid competency that is current is required for student teaching