Computer Information Systems - Mobile

Area of Business

Updated Fall 2013

The computer information systems major supports the following goals of Milligan College:

The major in computer information systems (CIS-M) is designed to prepare students for careers as programmers/analysts, lead programmers, management information systems directors, and systems project leaders for applications in business, industry, and government.

Course work in this major emphasizes systems analysis and design, programming, and management.

Graduates with a major in computer information systems are expected to:

  1. Possess a thorough understanding of the information systems analysis and design process, as well as the development (programming) and implementation (hardware, software, networking) processes of computing applications in a business environment;
  2. Possess oral and written communication skills necessary to convey technical information in a business or technical environment;
  3. Have acquired knowledge and skills needed for positions in a variety of computer/business-related fields.

Computer Information Systems - Mobile - B.S.

Required hours in the major:

The following general education requirement is fulfilled in the major:
                3 hours of mathematics

Total number of hours required for a Computer Information Systems –Mobile major: 42

Senior Major Exam

All students majoring in Computer Information Systems must take the senior major exam. The senior major exam is created by the Computer Information Systems faculty and given as part of the capstone course (CIS 450M).