Area of Business

Updated Fall 2013

Milligan College offers an accounting major (B.A. or B.S. degree), an applied finance and accounting major (B.A. or B.S. degree), and an accounting minor. These programs support the following goals of Milligan College:

Accounting Major — B.A. or B.S.

Courses in accounting are designed to prepare the student for careers primarily in public accounting.  Basic skills are learned and practiced and higher level accounting concepts and principles are acquired through problem-oriented courses in each of the accounting discipline areas.  This major, however, provides a solid foundation that can lead into a variety of career paths including internal auditing, tax preparation and planning, cost analysis, and advisory services in information systems design and implementation. Successful professional accountants are able to communicate the implications of financial reports, with an ethical standard in mind, to managers and owners.

Required courses in the major:

The following general education requirements are fulfilled in the major:

Total number of required hours: 39

Applied Finance and Accounting Major — B.A. or B.S.

The basis of the courses in the applied finance and accounting major are the foundational courses of the accounting major. Upper level courses emphasize the element of corporate finance. Accountants as information providers have a particular appeal to those who see accounting as useful in corporate decision-making and management.

Graduates with a major in accounting or applied finance and accounting are expected to:

  1. Possess broad finance, accounting and business knowledge as well as mastery of the technical knowledge of finance and accounting in order to serve the organizations in which they work;

  2. Be well prepared to find ready employment in the field;

  3. Possess the ability to apply computer and information technology to solve real-world finance, accounting and business problems;

  4. Have acquired leadership and management skills that are necessary for the successful planning, implementation, and control of the business enterprise, all rooted in a foundation of ethical and moral principles.

Students planning to become certified public accountants should be aware that many states have made substantial changes in their educational requirements for persons desiring a CPA Certificate. These requirements vary in their specific requirements from state to state but must be met before the applicant’s first sitting for the Uniform CPA Examination. Students should check the exact requirements for the particular state in which they intend to seek certification. For example, the State of Tennessee requires a total of 150 semester hours, which is an additional 22 semester hours beyond the 128 needed for a bachelor’s degree at Milligan College. Students intending to become certified public accountants are encouraged to consult with their advisers early in their college career.

Required courses in the major:

The following general education requirements are fulfilled in the major:

Total number of required hours: 39

To earn a bachelor’s degree, a student must complete 128 semester hours in courses with course numbers at the 100 level or above.  In addition to courses in the major (and minor, if applicable), students must complete the requirements for a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree as described on Pages 41-43 of the 2013-14 catalog.  The B.A. degree requires foreign language through the intermediate level.

Senior Major Exam

All students majoring in Accounting or Applied Finance and Accounting must take the senior major exam. The senior major exam is created by the Accounting faculty and given in the student’s final semester.

Accounting Minor

Required courses in the minor:

The following general education requirement is fulfilled in the minor:

Total number of required hours: 24