Youth Ministry

Area of Biblical Learning

Updated Fall 2013

As a part of “changing lives and shaping culture,” youth ministry is one of the most strategic opportunities to make an impact on people and the world. Beginning with “A Positive, Personal Faith that Jesus is Lord and Savior” this major emphasis supports and implements “A Commitment to Follow the Teachings of the Christian Scripture in One’s Personal and Social Ethics.” Because the youth of today are so important now and will be the unquestioned leaders of tomorrow, youth ministry emphasizes the “Capacity to Recognize and Assume Responsibility in Society.” Classes focusing on biblical and historical foundations promote “The Knowledge, Meaning, and Application of Sound Scholarship” as do all the others that comprise this major, and, because of the attention given to youth, there is considerable emphasis on “Participation in the Activities of a Healthy Lifestyle.” Youth ministry fits well into the overall purpose and mission of Milligan College, and the college provides excellent preparation for serving Jesus Christ through ministry to youth.

The youth ministry track in the Bible major prepares people to lead in ministering to and with young people, and that may include those from early childhood up through early adulthood. Both youth ministers and children’s ministers will find this major effective in basic preparation for service, as will campus ministers, workers with various parachurch ministries such as camps, youth organizations, evangelism efforts and many more. Because of the strong foundation incorporated into this emphasis, people will have basic preparation to move into other areas of ministry from a traditional role.

Milligan College expects those who graduate with a Bible major in a youth ministry track to:

Bible major - B.A. (38-39 hrs)

Youth ministry track

For information about the Bible major with the youth ministry track, see “Bible.”

Youth Ministry minor

Required courses in the minor:

Total number of required hours: 18