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Updated Fall 2013

Missions service to the global church has always been central to the educational mission and purpose of Milligan College, whether that service takes place locally or in more distant regions of the world. For persons whose primary commitment is to the mission mandate of the church, the college “provides opportunities for education in Bible . . .” which are “shaped by a Christian world view.”

The emphasis in missions is directly tied to the following College objectives as it 1) strengthens students in their “Positive, Personal Christian Faith That Jesus is Lord and Savior” through class studies and interactions with the college community; 2) deepens their “Commitment to Follow the Teachings of the Christian Scripture in One’s Personal and Social Ethics” by challenging them to play a personal role in responding to the missions mandate of the church; 3) cultivates their “Capacity to Recognize and Assume Responsibility in Society” when they encounter missionaries on furlough via the college’s Visiting Missionary program, participate in short-term missions trips, complete the required internship, and in other ways encounter the needs of the world; and 4) refines their “Knowledge, Meaning, and Application of Sound Scholarship” when they examine and analyze both their faith and their knowledge of the world via classes and more informal campus activities.

The course of missions study at Milligan College is designed primarily to prepare people for missions’ leadership ministry in the church. For this reason, its strength has long resided in its interdisciplinary structure, offering students a wide diversity of missions options via examples from church history, more contemporary situations, and internship placements. The emphasis is a part of the Bible major since an understanding of the universe and one’s own place in it is predicated upon an understanding of God’s purposes as revealed in the scriptures. However, because effective missionary ministry also entails an understanding of human nature, missions study at Milligan College incorporates a solid foundation in the social sciences. It is this unique combination of the two disciplines — Bible and sociology — which comprises the core of Milligan’s missions emphasis.

Milligan College expects those who graduate with a missions track to:

  1. Be prepared for service in a missions leadership role in the church;
  2. Be able, in culturally appropriate ways, to prepare and preach sermons or teach lessons which have solid scriptural content;
  3. Have a good foundation in biblical, church historical, social, and practical studies for lifelong learning;
  4. Be well-prepared to pursue seminary or graduate education; and
  5. Be a good Christian example of a missions-minded student of scripture. Emphases of spiritual dependence upon God, solid academic study including serious study of the Bible and the social sciences and practices of both integrity and effectiveness highlight the lives of those persons who complete the missions emphasis.

Bible major - B.A. (37-38 hrs)

Missions track

For information about the Bible major with the missions track, see
Bible.” The program of study in the Bible major with a missions emphasis leads to the B.A. degree, which requires the study of a foreign language through the intermediate level. Because it is interdisciplinary in nature, the missions curriculum includes both a major and a minor. Furthermore, students who wish to add to this program of study may, in consultation with their faculty advisers and respective faculty chairs, work toward a double major and/or a double minor.

Missions minor

Required courses in the Missions minor:

The following general education requirement is fulfilled in the major:

Total number of required hours: 21