Christian Ministry

Area of Biblical Learning

Updated Fall 2013

Ministry or service, especially in the name of Christ, provides the fullest expression of realizing what Milligan College seeks to achieve. Motivation for ministry must come from “A Positive, Personal Christian Faith that Jesus is Lord and Savior” (the first statement of Milligan’s Mission Statement) or it will never be effective or long lasting. Likewise, “A Commitment to Follow the Teachings of the Christian Scripture in One’s Personal and Social Ethics,” “The Capacity to Recognize and Assume Responsibility in Society,” and “The Knowledge, Meaning, and Application of Sound Scholarship” all find opportune expression in Christian ministry. All of these are addressed specifically in the Bible major.

The Christian ministry minor prepares people for serving Christ in a variety of ways, especially as a bi-vocational or volunteer leader. With the basic concept of Milligan College that “every Christian is a minister” of some type, this minor can prepare people specifically for service in a church setting or a church-related organization. Classes with this focus form a significant part of each major in the area of biblical learning, and the use of them as a minor provides a supplement to whatever other major is selected, positioning a person for effective service in a broad range of roles.

Milligan College expects those who graduate with Christian ministry minors to

  1. Be prepared to assist in a leadership role of ministry in the church;

  2. Understand enough of the workings of a church staff to assume a position of responsibility in a church;

  3. Have a good sampling of biblical, church historical, and practical studies to encourage lifelong learning;

  4. Provide a good Christian example as a student of scripture. Emphases of spiritual dependence upon God, solid academic study including serious study of the Bible itself, and practices of both integrity and effectiveness highlight a Christian ministry minor from Milligan.

Bible major - B.A. (37-39 hrs)

See “Bible” for the major and information about specific emphases in various forms of Christian ministry.

Christian Ministry minor

Required courses in the Christian Ministry minor:

Total number of required hours: 21

A major course of study must be other than the Bible major.