Children’s Ministry

Area of Biblical Learning

Updated Fall 2013
Ministering to children in our society has become a significant service for Christians. Childhood is obviously a formative time of life, and being able to help children come to know Jesus as the Christ through scripture and the love and support of the church rises to great prominence as a form of Christian ministry. Children’s ministers quite often meet the needs of entire families in the process of helping and ministering to children.


Preparing people for this emphasis in ministry fits very well into the mission of Milligan College. It clearly supports “A Positive, Personal Faith that Jesus is Lord and Savior” for that is the strength of this ministry and the whole reason for people pursuing this calling. Likewise, by affirming the necessity of integrity in any role of ministry, this specialization affirms “A Commitment to Follow the Teachings of the Christian Scripture in One’s Personal and Social Ethics.” The “Capacity to Recognize and Assume Responsibility in Society” obviously undergirds any professional ministry role, and a concern for “The Knowledge, Meaning, and Application of Sound Scholarship” is emphasized as part of a liberal arts education at Milligan College. More specifically, the focus on children leads naturally to “Participation in the Activities of a Healthy Lifestyle.” Quite definitely, preparation for children’s ministry supports Milligan College’s overall mission.

The Children’s Ministry track in the Bible major, as also the Children’s Ministry minor, prepares a person to participate fully in a ministerial staff of a local church and be able to assume other roles in addition to the focus on children. Because of the strong emphasis toward Bible and ministry, students are advised to take extra courses in child development and/or child psychology, and to consider electives from early childhood or elementary education backgrounds in order to broaden their readiness for working directly with children. Generally, such a ministry involves working with children from nursery age up through elementary and sometimes middle school ages. But ministers for both children and youth will find this minor or the children’s ministry track in the Bible major effective for service preparation, as will people working with camps, Christian schools, evangelistic efforts, and other parachurch ministries.

Milligan College expects those who graduate with a Bible major and an emphasis in Children’s Ministry track to:

  1. Be equipped to stay abreast of changes in ministry to children and family involvement in the church and serve effectively through them;

  2. Be prepared for service in a leadership role of ministry in the church and able to function as part of a team/staff relationship;

  3. Have a good foundation in biblical, church historical and practical studies in order to prepare and deliver sound teaching to children and their families and to continue in lifelong learning;

  4. Be equipped to pursue seminary or graduate education with a good preparation for that advanced study; and

  5. Provide a good Christian example as a student of scripture and disciple of Jesus. Emphases of spiritual dependence upon God, solid academic study, including serious study of the Bible itself, and practices of both integrity and effectiveness highlight this program of study.

Bible major - B.A. (39 hrs)
Children’s Ministry track (see Bible)

The Bible major with the Children’s Ministry track—requiring 39 minimum hours—leads to the B.A. degree, which requires intermediate proficiency in a foreign language. Language proficiency satisfies a general education requirement, not a requirement of the Bible major. For biblical studies beyond undergraduate work, Greek is strongly recommended.

Children’s Ministry minor

Milligan College offers a minor in Children’s Ministry, which consists of 21 hours outlined below. Students pursuing the Children’s Ministry minor are strongly encouraged to take PSYC 252 or 253 as three hours of their social learning requirement.

Required courses in the Children’s Ministry minor:

Total number of required hours: 21