Area of Biblical Learning

Updated Fall 2013

Study of the Bible has been foundational to Milligan College since its inception. As the mission statement of the college indicates, Bible stands at the core of the “Christian worldview” that shapes all else about the college. The first two values affirmed in the mission statement (“A Positive, Personal Christian Faith That Jesus is Lord and Savior” and “A Commitment to Follow the Teachings of the Christian Scripture in One’s Personal and Social Ethics”) can only find reality in sincere study of the Bible. And because such study is demanding and stimulating, students enhance “The Capacity to Recognize and Assume Responsibility in Society” and appreciate “The Knowledge, Meaning, and Application of Sound Scholarship” in the Bible major. However, Milligan College believes this serious study of scripture should always be connected with service (or “ministry”), and so each track in the Bible major is focused toward teaching, ministering, or serving others in some way.

The Bible major aims partly to prepare people for leadership ministry in the church, in this and other cultures, or to equip the student otherwise to understand and teach the content and meaning of scripture. The provision of specific “tracks” within the major recognizes the desire and need for specialization in focus for future service. Ministry of any emphasis or deeper academic study both need biblical and historical content, so the same core of essential courses is required for each track within the major. Specialization for particular ministry then is provided through the requirements of those tracks and through choices for related electives. A wide diversity of options in the ministerial and scholarly fields can be pursued with this major. Those seeking graduate education with the possibility of teaching Bible or religion courses will find the general studies track most helpful, and those pursuing a ministry track will also find themselves well prepared for seminary study. Over the years Milligan graduates have been well prepared to serve ably in various fields of ministry and/or pursue further study.

Milligan College expects those who graduate with Bible majors to:

  1. Be prepared for service in a church, whether in a professional leadership role or as a scholar and teacher of scripture;
  2. Be able, especially those in ministry tracks, to prepare and preach sermons or teach lessons that have solid scriptural content, and those in the general studies track be able to help others “rightly divide the word of truth”;
  3. Have a good foundation in biblical, church historical, and either practical or scholarly studies for lifelong learning; ;
  4. Be equipped to pursue seminary or graduate education with a good preparation for that advanced study;
  5. Provide a good Christian example as a student of scripture. Emphases of spiritual dependence upon God, solid academic study-including serious study of the Bible itself-and practices of both integrity and effectiveness highlight a Bible major from Milligan.

Bible major - B.A.

The Bible major at Milligan — requiring 37 to 39 hours — leads to the B.A. degree, which requires intermediate proficiency in a foreign language. Language proficiency satisfies a general education requirement for students completing a B.A. degree. The Bible faculty strongly recommends this language be Greek (or Hebrew, when available) for the best study of the Bible. [Note: those pursuing the General Studies track are required to take a biblical language to satisfy the general education requirement.] Anyone considering a major or minor in Bible is advised to take BIBL 123 and 124 immediately after enrolling.

The Bible major consists of several components, two of which are the same in all of the tracks: (1) a Bible core, and (2) a church history core. In addition each of the ministry-focused tracks (i.e., Children’s Ministry, Missions, Pastoral Ministry, or Youth Ministry) have (3) a Christian ministry core, and (4) courses specific to each track.

Required courses in the major:

Bible (12 hrs)

Church History (12 hrs)

Christian Ministry (7 - 8 hrs)
All of the Ministry-focused tracks (Children’s, Missions, Pastoral, and Youth) include:

Total number of required hours: 37-39

To earn a bachelor’s degree, a student must complete 128 semester hours in courses with course numbers at the 100 level or above. In addition to courses in the major (and minor, if applicable), students must complete the requirements for the bachelor of arts degree as described on Pages 41-43 of the 2013-14 catalog. The B.A. degree requires foreign language through the intermediate level.

Senior Major Exam

Students majoring in Bible must take the senior major exam. Students pursuing double majors must complete a majors exam in each major. The senior Bible major exam is created by the Bible faculty and is administered during the semester in which the student plans to graduate.

Ministry tracks

The fourth component of the Bible major in the Ministry tracks consists of those courses specific to each ministry track.

Children’s Ministry track (7 hrs)


Missions track (6 hrs)

A strength of the missions emphasis is its interdisciplinary structure. Because effective ministry entails an understanding of human nature, the missions emphasis incorporates a solid foundation in the social sciences. To accomplish this, the missions emphasis requires an accompanying modified minor in sociology comprised of the following:

The modified minor is available only to students pursuing the missions emphasis track of the Bible major.


Pastoral Ministry track(6 - 8 hrs)


Youth Ministry track(7 hrs)


General Studies track (15 hrs)

The General Studies track is designed for those who desire a more concentrated focus in Bible, church history, or theology. A general education requirement for this track is intermediate level proficiency in either Greek or Hebrew. This track retains two of the basic components of the Bible major — the Bible core and Church History core. The remaining 15 hours consist of a Senior Project (BIBL 490) and 12 additional hours selected from the following electives:


Bible minor

The Bible minor at Milligan College is intended to be strictly a study of scripture. It consists of six courses, equally divided between Old Testament and New Testament, and it includes the basic survey classes (BIBL 123 and 124).

Required courses in the minor:

The following general education requirements are fulfilled in the minor:

Total number of required hours: 18