Certificate of Graduate Study in Business

Area of Business

Updated Fall 2013

The certificate program consists of a sequence of three courses in one of three tracks: Leadership (L), Health Care Management (HCM), and Operations Management (OM). These three-course certificate tracks are designed to provide an advanced study in specialized business subjects. Students who successfully complete the requirements for the certificate program are awarded a certificate in the particular track. Students enrolled in the certificate courses are held to the same requirements as the MBA students.

A maximum of one course from the Milligan College Master of Business Administration degree program can be applied to the Executive Certificate Program.

Admission Requirements for certificates
For applicants with a MBA from Milligan College, please contact the Director of Graduate Admissions-MBA for an executive certificate application.

For applicants with an MBA or equivalent degree from another institution, the minimum requirements for admission to the executive certificate program include:

The admissions committee meets periodically throughout the year to evaluate applications. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of Graduate Admissions-MBA or the MBA Program Coordinator for upcoming deadlines relative to admission.

The admissions committee evaluates applicants on the overall merit of all admissions criteria. The committee allows strengths in some areas to compensate for weaknesses in another area. The overall intent is to admit students who the admissions committee believes will contribute effectively to the overall cohort and who are considered to have high potential for success in a graduate program.

Required courses in tracks (total of 9 hrs):


Health Care Management

Operations Management