Student Guidelines

Updated Fall 2013


Milligan College is intent upon integrating Christian faith with scholarship and life. Because of this Christian commitment, Milligan College values the integrity of each individual. However, the action of each person affects the whole community. While attending Milligan College, each student is considered a representative of the college whether on or off the campus. The college, therefore, reserves the right to refuse, suspend, or dismiss any student. Public disclosure of reasons shall be at the discretion of the President.


Milligan College adopts specific rules on the basis of the belief that God’s Word, as the final rule of faith and practice, speaks on many matters pertaining to personal conduct. Therefore, behavior that conflicts with Scripture is unacceptable.

Historically, communities have also developed guidelines that help put into practice basic moral and social principles. Such standards serve as a guide toward worthwhile goals relevant to one’s academic, spiritual, social, and physical well-being. Specifically, the student agrees to abide by a lifestyle commitment in which he or she refrains from the use or possession of alcoholic beverages or  drugs. The student also agrees to refrain from pornography, profanity, dishonesty, sexual immorality, unethical conduct, vandalism, and immodest dress. Students are expected to observe the Lord’s Day in worship and to seek to serve Christ in an atmosphere of trust, encouragement, and respect for one another.


The privilege of using an automobile is granted to all students. The college will not be responsible for any personal or public liability growing out of the student’s use or possession of the car on or off campus. Each student vehicle driven on campus must be registered with the Student Development Office and have a parking sticker displayed in the rear window or it is subject to removal from campus at the owner’s expense. Students who repeatedly violate the vehicular regulations may lose the privilege of having a vehicle on campus.

Rules governing student use of motor vehicles are determined and administered by the Student Development Office and the traffic court.


The visitor to the Milligan College campus invariably notices the friendliness and spirit which characterize the entire Milligan College circle, faculty and students alike. Each student has an adviser. This experienced faculty member is concerned that the student not only excels academically but also benefits from the opportunities afforded by a small college environment.

Provision for a well-rounded social life receives special attention. Student committees plan recreational and social activities. Initiative in student participation is encouraged.

The cultivation of high ideals and good habits, together with their expression in social poise and consideration for others, is a major concern. Individual counsel and other friendly help are always available to each student. We speak of “membership” in Milligan College rather than “attending” Milligan.