Student Life and Services

Updated Fall 2013

For more complete information about student services available at Milligan College as well as the guidelines in disciplinary matters, see the Student Handbook available in the Office of the Vice President for Student Development.

Residence Life

Since many campus activities are centered within the residence halls, the college encourages all students to take advantage of this valuable experience; therefore, Milligan College is primarily a residential college. The goal of the residence life staff at Milligan is to provide the physical environment and professional services to help students have an effective educational living/learning experience which will contribute to every aspect of student life—spiritual, social, academic, and physical. Interaction and cooperation are essential to personal growth in the residence hall. To this end, students and staff work together to communicate clearly, to encourage one another, and to uphold fairly the standards of communal living.

The Residence Life Staff is made up of the resident directors, resident assistants, and Director of Residence Life and Housing. The residence hall directors are assisted by resident assistants who report to the Director of Residence Life and Housing. The Residence Life staff represents the entire residential community in order to stimulate an environment for growth and development through programming and appropriate services provided.

Residence hall rooms are equipped with all necessary furniture. Students are required to leave all school-provided furniture in their assigned rooms. Students supply blankets, pillows, bedspreads, curtains, rugs, study lamps, and accessories.

Telephone, cable and Internet service is available in all residence hall rooms. Each residence hall room has a network connection for each bed to provide access from the students’ own computers to the campus network. Students must provide their own telephones and calling cards for long distance calls.

Milligan College is primarily a residential community. We believe that, to develop and maintain a Christian college, this can best be achieved when students live together on campus. The large majority of undergraduate students live on campus throughout this time. Students living off-campus must meet specific criteria as outlined in the student handbook, complete the proper paperwork with the Student Development Office, and receive prior approval from Student Development. Maintenance or use of any separate quarters without prior approval from the Student Development Office subjects the student to suspension/dismissal.

Married Student Housing

Milligan College has limited apartments available for married students and graduate students. All of the apartments are unfurnished. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Student Development Office.

Campus Activities and Organizations

The college seeks to enhance students’ educational experience through challenge and support in mentor relationships, active-learning opportunities, and purposeful programming.

All social activities must first be approved by the Student Development Office and then entered on the college Master Calendar.

Fine Arts

The fine arts program at Milligan College enriches campus life through the exhibition of painting, sculpture, and photography. Numerous exhibitions of guest artists as well as student exhibitions displaying recent art and photography work take place each year in the Milligan College Art Gallery on campus. Milligan College drama, which involves a large portion of the student body, has frequently received critical acclaim. The Festival of One Act Plays and Short Films and performances in the Gregory Center serve as venues for displays and performances of the fine arts.


There are two choral ensembles at Milligan College. The Concert Choir, a choir of both men and women, performs extensively on campus and throughout the United States, appearing at churches, high schools, and conventions. Milligan Women’s Chorale is a women’s chorus singing various styles of music, with concerts both on and off campus.

Seven instrumental ensembles are available at Milligan College. Students have the opportunity to perform in Brass Choir, Orchestra, Civic Band (performing with the Johnson City Community Concert Band), Jazz Ensemble, Johnson City Symphony Orchestra, String Quartet, and Jazz Combo. Most instrumental ensembles perform both on and off campus.

Two specialized vocal ensembles are also available by audition. Heard Mentality is a male a capella group performing a variety of musical styles from barbershop to Christian to pop and performs for both on and off campus events. Heritage is a small mixed a capella group performing a mostly sacred repertoire for churches and services club. Participation in Heritage carries a special scholarship.

Publications and Media

Students interested in journalism or creative writing may find an opportunity for self-expression through the medium of several publications of the college:

Students interested in multimedia journalism may join the team of students who produce a semi-weekly 30-minute TV show, Stampede TV. Students may also get involved with the campus radio station, WUMC 90.5 FM.

All Milligan College printed communication with an external audience (off-campus) must be submitted to the Public Relations Office for approval.

All printed communication (e.g. brochures, flyers) and all uses of the Milligan College logo must follow the guidelines in the Publication Policy, Identity Standards and Style Guide document available from the Public Relations Office. These guidelines also apply for all events held on Milligan’s campus, even if not officially sponsored by the college. It is the responsibility of the Milligan College contact to make the parties aware of these policies.

Representative Organizations

Operating under a constitution approved by the administration of the college, the Student Government Association serves as the official representative voice of Milligan College students and promotes academic, social, and religious activities for the campus community.

The Student Government Association (SGA) consists of the following elected members:

Student Organizations:
Professional, Social, and Recreational

All professional and social organizations of Milligan College are designed to aid the students in fulfilling themselves and reaching their full potential religiously, academically, socially, and creatively.

The following organizations were originated by students and have received the sanction of the college. Additional professional or social organizations may be added to this list upon the initiative of students who present a charter to the Director of Campus Activities, select a faculty or staff adviser, and demonstrate that the proposed organization is in keeping with the purposes and philosophy of Milligan College.

Academic Affairs is a subcommittee of SGA which receives and discusses student academic concerns and opinions and communicates them to the faculty. They strive continually to improve Milligan College’s academic standing and reputation.

Air Band consists of the team of individuals who host a dramatic campus-wide lip-syncing competition where students pull out all the stops for a night of performances that are sure to entertain.

Alpha Chi is a collegiate national honor society. The association is open to juniors and seniors in the top 10% of their class with a grade point average of at least 3.5.

Alpha Psi Omega, the national theatre honorary society, is active on campus with membership based on a point system whereby points are earned by participating in the many facets of theatre work on campus. Popular current projects include sponsoring the yearly Festival of One Act Plays and a touring production that travels to area public schools.

Arts Council functions as a way to promote  and recognize the arts on campus as well as making students aware of art opportunities on and off campus. The council strives to involve more students in artistic activities and sponsors a ‘paint night’ each semester.

Buffalo Ramblers is an informal association of those members of the Milligan College family who enjoy exploring on foot the scenic gorges, peaks, caves, and waterfalls surrounding the college.

Buffalo Annual (formerly the yearbook) is responsible for coordinating and publishing the annual magazine and its companion website (

Campus Activities Board (CAB) assists in the planning of various extracurricular and co-curricular activities, including dances, trips, Wonderful Wednesday, film showings, and musical events.

Christian Pre-law Association provides a means for students interested in law school or various careers within the legal field to gain an understanding of what will be expected of them after college. In addition, the club explores possible methods of integrating a Christian perspective in the legal field.

Club Ultimate exists to provide a spiritual and healthy experience through physical activity and controlled competition while playing ultimate Frisbee.

College Republicans is an organization made up of students interested in local, state, and national politics.

Commuter Council seeks to unite and involve commuters in campus life.

Creation Care continually seeks to make recycling a permanent and practiced activity on campus. Students strive to influence the college’s attitudes toward the environment and Christian responsibility.

Fanatics boosts school spirit in the areas of athletics and residence life and promotes student and community involvement to achieve unity.

The French Club exists to promote social and educational activities in a French language setting. This club is open to all elementary and intermediate French students.

The German Club provides an outlet for any students of the German language to practice and refine their skills. The club also hopes to offer opportunities for the experience of German culture for any who are interested.

Habitat for Humanity introduces students to the organization and allows them to serve the community as they build a better future.

Multi-Cultural Affairs Committee is a faction of the Campus Activities Board that aims to make Milligan a genuinely multicultural Christian community by affirming the worth of all human beings and affirming the value and significance of the human cultures and communities that have developed over the centuries.

NAfME, the National Association for Music Education (formerly MENC), has a student chapter on the campus. The purpose of Milligan’s Collegiate NAfME chapter is to provide students interested in careers in music or music education opportunities for professional development and music advocacy.

NAMI, the Nation’s Voice on Mental Illness, has a chapter on campus. NAMI exists to educate and increase awareness of mental health issues and to promote early detection, intervention, and resources. These students also strive to combat stigma that surrounds mental illness by breaking silence, shame, secrecy, myths, and ignorance that create barriers when seeking help.

Phi Alpha Theta is an honorary history society with more than 270,000 members in over 850 chapters in colleges and universities across the United States. Phi Alpha Theta’s mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and exchange of learning and ideas among historians. Milligan history students established the Alpha Iota Tau chapter of Phi Alpha Theta in 2001.

Photography Club increases awareness of the Milligan College photography program and incorporates the community through Christian service in the arts.

Psi Chi is the national Honor Society in Psychology for the purpose of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology.

Rotaract Club provides an opportunity for students to grow in their leadership skills and to promote better relations among all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

The Society of Scientific Christian Scholars (SSCS) is an organization existing to promote the appreciation of scientific study through a Christian perspective by organizing field trips, on-campus events and volunteer opportunities in the community.

The Spanish Club exists to encourage Spanish culture and language appreciation while hosting several social and educational activities.

The Student Nurses Association is an organization that provides fellowship and student support for those in the nursing major as well as service and health promotion activities for the Milligan community.

The Student Tennessee Education Association seeks to develop interest in education as a lifelong career, to develop among students preparing to be teachers an understanding of the teaching profession through professional associations, to give students preparing to teach practical experience in working with professional associations on the problems of the teaching profession and society, and to provide students preparing to teach with the history, organization, policies, ethics, and programs of the professional associations.

SUB 7, a part of the Campus Activities Board (CAB), sponsors two coffeehouse style performances each month. Those participating with SUB 7 book the acts, set up the sound equipment, and make the coffee for each performance. All students are invited to attend.

WUMC provides the college with a quality radio station by giving students and volunteers broadcast experience.

Campus Ministry

Spiritual formation – the development of personal faith, commitment, Christ-like character, and a vision of God’s Kingdom in the world – lies at the heart of the Milligan experience. The process of Christian spiritual formation happens as we intentionally exercise, in community, those practices that the church has long identified as nurturing to faith: prayer, corporate worship, reflection on Scripture, cross-cultural engagement, and service to others. These disciplines feed the life of the Spirit in the growing disciple, forming in him or her the character of Jesus, and the result is a life increasingly marked by servant-leadership.

Spiritual Formation Program

In support of its mission of educating men and women to become servant-leaders, Milligan College requires all traditional (under age 23) undergraduate students to participate in its Spiritual Formation Program.  Students are required to accumulate 150 Spiritual Formation Program (SFP) credits in order to graduate.  SFP credits are earned by participating in Chapel and Convocation services, approved community service projects, and other events geared toward spiritual formation.  A calendar of qualifying SFP events is published at the beginning of each semester and maintained on the college website. Only activities listed on the SFP calendar, or additional events approved by the Campus Ministry Office, will qualify for SFP credit.

Chapel and Convocation

Chapel has been a central feature of life at Milligan from its very beginning.  Chapel and Convocation provide the opportunity to come together to worship, pray, learn, and share our stories. Chapel services (Thursdays at 11:00am) typically consist of times of corporate worship and teaching, and aim to be inclusive by reflecting the diversity and giftedness of the entire campus community. Convocation services (Tuesdays at 11:00am) follow a different format, focusing on the integration of faith and learning.  Convo services may include such elements as panel discussions, arts/cultural presentations, guest lectures, films, concerts, and community-building events.  Chapel/Convo is a time for the campus community to come together in worship and learning.

Campus Ministry Team

Creating opportunities for students to experience and grow in spiritually forming practices is the responsibility of the Campus Ministry.  Working with various extensions of the Campus Ministry Team (Vespers Committee, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Cross-Cultural Missions Committee, SGA Spiritual Life Branch, Chapel Planning Team), the Campus Minister oversees programs aimed at faith development and provides pastoral care to the campus community.

An informal, student-led time of worship, teaching, and fellowship, Vespers occurs on Sunday nights in Lower Seeger.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
FCA provides a place for Milligan’s student athletes to connect and encourage one another beyond their team.  Open to all students, FCA focuses on promoting spiritual growth through regular Bible studies, service projects on campus and in the community, and special events.

CCMC (Cross-Cultural Missions Committee)
The CCMC promotes cross-cultural awareness and student engagement through special emphasis weeks on campus, mission trips, and other events.

SGA Spiritual Life Branch
A committee of the Student Government Association, the Spiritual Life Branch creates opportunities for spiritual growth and discipleship through small groups, retreats, and special emphases like Spiritual Renewal Week.

Chapel Planning Team
The Chapel Planning Team works in conjunction with the Campus Minister to put together Chapel and Convocation services as well as other SFP events.

The Center for Calling and Career Exploration
(Career Development)

The Center for Calling and Career Exploration seeks to educate and prepare Milligan College students for a diverse global marketplace by providing a comprehensive program of vocational and career exploration to enable students and graduates to seek and secure placement and employment opportunities.

The Center, located on the lower level of the McMahan Student Union Building, provides career-related assistance to students through a wide range of programs and services including:

Students can contact the Center at 423-461-8316 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Milligan College encourages participation in intercollegiate athletics. A limited number of grants-in-aid will be awarded each year on a merit basis.

The Milligan College athletics program has enjoyed a proud heritage and long tradition of success with student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics. The Milligan College Buffaloes compete in the Appalachian Athletic Conference (AAC) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and sponsor teams in baseball, basketball, cheerleading, dance, cycling, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. Milligan athletic programs compete at a high level as evidenced by having won many conference titles and by having appeared in many national championship competitions in the recent past.

The intramural athletic program is designed to encourage participation by all students in some sport. A choice of activities is offered including basketball, flag-football, volleyball, and softball. In addition, there are several individual recreational opportunities offered such as hiking, skiing, and scuba diving.

Gilliam Wellness Center

The Gilliam Wellness Center staff provides and promotes wellness activities across the entire campus community. All undergraduate students and faculty and staff are provided access to the facility. In addition, graduate students may purchase memberships for themselves at a relatively modest rate. Members may purchase an annual membership for their spouses.

Services and activities provided through the center include cardiovascular and resistance/strength training for individuals and groups.  In addition, leisure recreational trips are organized on a regular basis.  Extended hours of operation are provided during fall and spring semesters with more limited hours during the summer and breaks.

Health Services

Milligan College takes every reasonable precaution to prevent accidents and illness. The services of a nurse are provided in a clinic on the campus to care for minor ailments and any emergency. Students are expected to report at once to the college nurse any accident or illness. When necessary, referral is made to local physicians.

All students are required to maintain health insurance coverage on themselves at their own expense. In most cases this can be done through their family or job. However, the college does provide information on health insurance coverage that can be purchased individually. This information can be obtained through the Student Development office or from the campus nurse.

All students must submit a completed and approved immunization form prior to attending classes.  These forms are provided in the pre-enrollment packets and are required by the State of Tennessee.

The college cannot assume financial liability for off-campus physician and hospital services. Most families are protected today for medical and hospital claims through special insurance programs. Premium payment is the responsibility of the individual student. All students participating in intercollegiate athletics are required to maintain coverage and provide documentation of such in an accident and hospitalization program that covers athletic injuries.

Mental and social health is also a concern of the college. Counselors are available for some counseling in these areas. In addition the services of area mental health facilities can be utilized. However, the college is not equipped to provide long-term, in-depth psychotherapy or psychiatric care.