Financial Information

Undergraduate Students

Updated May 2014
Milligan College is a private nonprofit institution. Tuition, fees, and other charges paid by the student represent only a part of the income necessary to fund the instructional and operating expenses of the college.  Other sources of income include earnings from endowment funds and contributions by alumni, churches, businesses, foundations, and friends of Milligan College. The Student Financial Services Office assists families in making the necessary financial arrangements to attend Milligan College.

Tuition and other Basic Charges for Traditional Undergraduate Programs, 2014-15

  Per Semester
Tuition (12-18 hrs per semester) $13,850
Board 1,550
Room (double room) 1,575
Student Activity Fee* 175
Technology Access Fee* 225
Health Fee* 115

Total  $17,490

See “Explanation of Fees” below.

Other Tuition Charges

Traditional Day Students  
12-18 hrs per semester $13,850
1-11 hrs (per hour) 770
Over 18 hrs (per hour) 770
Summer School and Intersession (per hour) 375


Per Semester
Full-time Traditional Day Students  

Health Fee


Student Activity Fee


Technology Access Fee

Part-time Traditional Day Student  

Technology Access Fee
(less than 6 hrs)


Student Activity Fee
(less than 6 hrs)


Health Fee
(charged to all traditional day students)


Room and Board Charges, 2014-15

Room charges vary depending on dorm selection      

Per Semester

Webb, Sutton (double) $1,575

Hart (double)


Kegley, Quillen, Williams (double)


Milligan Village
   (Includes 75 block meal plan)

Single Room (when available) $200 additional
*Air Conditioner
(if requested and approved for Webb or Sutton)
$100 additional

Board (meal plan)
Required for all residence hall occupants


Special Classes and Lab Fees

The following fees apply when a student is registered for the following courses:

   Per Semester
ART/COMM 400 $850
BIOL 200 $65/HR
EDUC 150, 150B, 343, 406, 406B, 408, 520, 565, 576, 577 $10
EDUC 152, 152B $5
EDUC 355, 355B, 356, 356B $15
EDUC 440, 541 $20
EDUC 451, 452, 452B, 453, 454, 455 $150
EDUC 443, 443B, 443SE $50
EDUC 456, 553 $15/HR
EDUC 551, 552 $150
Science Laboratory Fee
(excludes BIOL 131, 200, 451, 452, 460, 499A; CHEM 301, 310, 405, 499A; GNSC 101, 301, 350, 350B; PHYS 311, 351, 352 353, 354, 499A)
(Laboratory science classes that are taught as seminar courses [course numbers are 195, 295, 395, or 495] may also have the $30 laboratory science fee.)  
Science Laboratory fee for CHEM 302 $60
GERM 212 $50
HPXS 105 $50
HPXS 153 $20
HPXS 158, 159 Fee for off-campus instruction
HPXS 181 $45
HPXS 302G $30
HPXS 307 $8
HPXS 341 $5
HPXS 350, 370 $10
(Humanities European Study Tour)
MLGN 200 $45
MUSC 101 (piano), 102, 124,201, 211 $50
MUSC 143, 144, 243, 244
(maximum fee of $150 for any combination of these music courses)
NURS 202L, 220C, 310C, 410C $55
NURS 210 and 410 $195
NURS 210C $230
NURS 220 $165
NURS 302L (RN to BSN ADCP) $150
NURS 310, 320 $200
NURS 421, 422 (ADCP RN to BSN) $150
NURS 460 $300
OT 531 $140
OT 560 $310
OT 643 $165
Tuition charges in applied music $150 per ½ hr

(Applied fees will be refunded if the student drops the class within the first seven days of classes. After this time, fees will not be refunded.)

Other Fees

Application fee for admission (non-refundable) $30
Audit fee $30/hr
Change of course fee $10
Late registration or re-enrollment fee $100
Replacement ID fee $25
Lifetime academic records fee (new degree-seeking students) $75
CLEP administration fee (per exam) $100
MAT administration fee (per exam)  $80
Study abroad fee $500

The college reserves the right, beginning any semester or session, to change the charges for tuition, fees, room, and board without written notice.

Explanation of Fees

Student Activity Fee

The student activity fee is used to provide students with access to the wellness center and to fund 100% of the Student Government Association (SGA) budget. These funds are distributed to approximately twenty different committees and organizations. These SGA committees provide a wide variety of activities and services to students throughout the year, including spiritual activities, concerts, social events, campus radio station, literary publications, and more. In addition, this fee covers the cost of production of the student newspaper, The Stampede, and the Milligan College yearbook.

Technology Access Fee

The technology access fee is used to provide an extensive campus-wide computer network system consisting of fiber optic cabling, file servers, software, unlimited Internet availability, email, and direct access from each residence hall room and several on-campus fully equipped student computer labs. The Library website is accessible through the network; and, through it, students can access the library catalog and an array of electronic information resources. Computer lab software includes the Microsoft Office products Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint, Logos (Bible-study software), and various other programs for use with specific classes. This fee enables students to access the system for obvious added academic benefits.

Computer labs are available to all students. Students who provide their own computers may access the computer network directly from their residence hall room. Suggested specific computer configurations are available from the information technology staff. The Milligan College Bookstore has computer and printer supplies available for purchase.

Lifetime Academic Records Fee

All new students will be charged a one-time fee for academic records, the amount of the fee is based on whether or not students are degree-seeking.

Health Fee

All full-time and part-time traditional students will be charged a health fee, which supports health clinic services.

Financial Registration Policy

Students must make provision for the payment of applicable charges for tuition, fees, room, and board before classes begin. A student’s registration for classes is an obligation and commitment to pay for all related charges. Students must settle their account each semester to be permitted to register for the following semester.

Advanced financial planning by the student is imperative. The college mails a statement of the student’s account accompanied by a Statement Option Form before each semester to assist students in this matter. Students need to complete and return the Statement Option Form to Student Financial Services before the stated deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to make payment arrangements with Student Financial Services.

Registered students who have not completed the financial aid process and paid the remaining balance due on the student account will be purged from courses on the last day of the drop/add period.

A $100 re-enrollment fee will be assessed to all students whose registrations are purged and who must re-register for classes. All financial issues will have to be addressed satisfactorily before a student will be able to re-register for classes.

PURGE DATES for 2014-15:

  • Fall 2014                September 2, 2014
  • Spring 2015             January 28, 2015

Meal Plan

Milligan College offers an unlimited access continuous service meal plan Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with late night service in the grill. Complete meal programs are offered at traditional meal times, and, when the full program is not offered, beverages, cereals, deli, pizza, soup, salad, fruits, desserts, and breads are available. The dining hall becomes another community-oriented space where students can visit, study, or grab a bite with friends at their convenience.

Serving hours may be adjusted from time to time to accommodate an occasional campus event; proper notice will be given to all students of any adjustments. On weekends, meals are served as follows:

Transfer Meal Option

Students can use their meal plan at the grill. The transfer meal option allows 25 meals per semester to be taken at the grill rather than at the cafeteria. Menu selection is all-inclusive (grill entreé, side item, dessert or fruit, and drink). This feature enhances the food service by offering more flexibility to the campus population at no extra charge and is automatically included in the meal plan.

Snack Bar Plus Account (SBP)

The Snack Bar Plus (SBP) account is an option that provides a $50 meal credit line at the grill for an additional charge of $40 to your meal plan. This 20% bonus credit is only available to accounts purchased during registration.

This added flexibility allows students to grab a quick snack or meal at their convenience with the ease of a prepaid card. Additionally, if students need to add to their credit lines, they may do so at any time after registration in the cafeteria or the grill. SBP accounts can be purchased in increments of $25, entitling a student to a 10% bonus credit. Commuters not on a campus meal plan may also purchase an SBP account to be used for meal purchases in either the grill or cafeteria. SBP account balances are not transferable from one academic year to another.


General Information

Tuition, fees, and all other costs for the semester are due and payable before the first day of class. Tuition, fees, and all other costs for summer school and intersession are due and payable on or before the first day of each term. Students enrolling in summer school and intersession must make specific payment arrangements with Student Financial Services before the first day of class. Students may cancel their registration without penalty before the first day of class. Students who do not cancel and who do not attend will be charged 10% of tuition.

Students receiving financial aid must pay the difference between the total cost for the semester and the financial aid commitment (excluding work-study) on or before the first day of class. Enrollment in the Milligan College Tuition Payment Plan for the balance due on your account after financial aid will meet this requirement.

All financial aid processes and payment of remaining balance must be completed before the first day of class. Financial aid processes include completion of the following steps:

This is not an exhaustive list of steps to complete; check with SFS to ensure you have completed all required steps.

A semester grade report, transcript, and/or diploma will not be issued to a student whose account is not settled by the end of a semester or term. In addition, a transcript will not be issued to individuals in default on their Federal Perkins Loans.

If a period of 90 days passes without any activity on an account with an unpaid balance, the college may refer the account to a collection agency. The student will be responsible for any attorney fees and/or costs associated with the collection of the unpaid balance. A delinquent account is also reported to major credit bureaus.

Monthly Tuition Payment Plan

Milligan College is pleased to offer a special payment plan for students who desire to pay educational expenses in monthly installments. This is an interest-free payment plan.  No student, other than those participating in the Payment Plan, will be permitted to attend classes before paying the balance of their account in full.

The Payment Plan permits families to spread their payments over a period of 9 to 10 months, with the last payment due near the end of the spring semester. The current cost of the plan is $75 per year. All students receive information about this plan with their billing statement prior to the beginning of each semester. Information is available on our website at and through the Milligan College Student Financial Services Office.

ADCP and MBA students can enroll in a payment plan for the duration of their program. The cost to enroll in the Payment Plan is $85.

Additionally, students on the Payment Plan are fully expected to maintain monthly payments as agreed. A $25 late payment fee will be charged to accounts for delinquent payments. The college reserves the right to require immediate payment in full for any student who fails to maintain their Payment Plan schedule. If payment is not made as required by the college, the student is subject to immediate dismissal.

The Payment Plan is designed for the convenience of students and their parents. The college encourages students to set up their own plans directly through Self Service, accessible at (Please note that you must have a Milligan network login and password to use Self Service. If you do not yet have this information from Milligan and desire to set up a payment plan, contact the Student Accounts Coordinator and the plan can be set up on your behalf.) Choose Self Service from menu and enter your username and password. Once within the Self Service select the “Finances” tab. Next, select “Make A Payment.” You are now ready to select “Enroll in Installment Payment Plan”; proceed by entering charges and financial aid for the year; the system will generate an installment payment plan based on this information. You may also indicate your preference for auto-draft, if desired, and e-reminders for payments.

No payment plan enrollments will be permitted after the drop/add period ends!

Tuition Reimbursement

If you are receiving tuition reimbursement from your employer, we will be glad to work with you in developing a payment arrangement for the semester.  You must present a letter from your employer stating the company’s reimbursement policy and your eligibility for reimbursement. Contact Student Financial Services Office for more details.

Forms of Payment

Students may pay their student account using cash, money orders, personal checks, certified checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The most convenient way to make a payment is to use the online payment feature on our website by going to your Self Service Account and selecting “Make a Payment.”

Refund Policy

Refund in the Event of Withdrawal from the College

The college operates on an annual budget that necessitates advance planning and financial commitments to teaching staff and others whose services are essential to its operations. For this reason, no refunds are granted to those persons who are dismissed from the college for academic performance or disciplinary reasons.

The official date of withdrawal used to compute refunds is the date on which the student begins the official withdrawal process in the Student Development office.

Tuition, Room and Board Refund Schedule for Fall and Spring Semesters

Tuition and room refunds are calculated on the following schedule:

Prior to first calendar day of the semester 100%
During first seven calendar days of the semester 90%
During the 8th through the 14th calendar day of the semester 75%
During the 15th through the 30th calendar day of the semester 50%
No refunds after the 30th calendar day of the semester
or for unofficial withdrawals*

*An exception is made for illness, in which case the 50% refund period is extended to the ninth week. Illness must be certified by a physician’s written statement.

Refund Schedule for Summer and Intersession

Prior to first calendar day of class 100%
During first day of the class 90%
During the second day of the class 75%
During the third and fourth day of the class 50%
No refunds after fourth day of class or for unofficial withdrawals 0%

Other Fees Refund Schedule

Unless a student withdraws during the first seven calendar days of the semester, all other fees are not refundable.

Institutional Scholarship Proration Schedule

Institutional scholarships are those scholarships granted by Milligan College.   If a student withdraws during the first 30 calendar days of the semester, the institution scholarships will be calculated using the following schedule:

Prior to first calendar day of the semester 0%
During first seven calendar days of the semester 10%
During the 8th through the 14th calendar day of the semester 25%
During the 15th through the 30th calendar day of the semester 50%
After the 30th calendar day of the semester 100%

Refund in the Event of Withdrawal from Class

The schedule of refunds for withdrawal from a class is different from above. Because the college charges the same tuition for 12-18 hours, there is no refund for withdrawing from a class if the total hours, before and after withdrawal, are within the 12-18 credit hour range. Students withdrawing from a course or courses outside the 12-18 hour range will be granted refunds based on the following schedule:

Prior to first calendar day of the semester 100%
During first seven calendar days of the semester 90%
During the 8th through the 14th calendar day of the semester 75%
During the 15th through the 30th calendar day of the semester 50%
No refunds after the 30th calendar day of the semester 0%

Return of Title IV Funds (Federal Financial Aid)

In addition to the overall institutional refund policy requirements, the college is required to follow the regulations mandated by the Department of Education for any student who receives Title IV Federal Aid. The Return of Title IV Fund calculations are required when a student withdraws, either officially or unofficially.  Software provided by the Department of Education will be used to complete these calculations.  Steps in the Calculation for the Return of Title IV Funds:

Any federal funds that must be returned to federal programs as a result of the Return of Title IV calculations must be redistributed in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loan
  2. Subsidized Direct Stafford Loan
  3. Perkins Loan
  4. Direct PLUS (Graduate Student)
  5. Direct PLUS (Parent)
  6. Pell Grant
  7. FSEOG
  8. TEACH Grant

Federal work-study wages will not be considered returnable.

Please note: Students may owe money to the college as a result of the return of Title IV calculation and the subsequent return of federal financial aid funds.

The Student Financial Services Office is notified by the Registrar’s Office of all withdrawals from the college. The coordinator of financial aid will, within 45 days of the withdrawal date, complete the calculation and determine the result. The student will be notified of the refund calculation results by letter and also by receiving a revised copy of their student account statement. Unofficial withdrawals (students who leave without going through the withdrawal process) will also have the Return of Title IV Funds calculation performed and will receive notification if the student then owes money back to the college.

For more specific information regarding the Return of Title IV Funds calculations, contact the Student Financial Services Office.

Refund of Credit Balances

When a credit on a student account results from overpayment or from federal and state financial aid that exceeds direct charges, a refund will be issued to the student from the Student Financial Services Office. Student refunds will only be issued for amounts up to the actual credit balance on the student account. No refund will be authorized or issued in anticipation of financial aid that will be ultimately posted to the student account. No refunds will be made before the official drop/add period for a particular semester or session. If the credit refund was created by proceeds from a parent PLUS Loan, the refund will be mailed to the parent borrower. In cases involving federal financial aid, federal guidelines will prevail. Student refund checks are automatically mailed weekly to the student’s local address.

In addition, institutional scholarships and grant awards may not exceed student account charges; under no circumstances will a student receive a credit balance refund for institutional scholarships or grants.

Students may be required to pay back refunds if one of the following occurs:

Students withdrawing from school who have received federal financial aid and/or institutional scholarships will have their account adjusted using the appropriate refund schedule which could result in payments due back to the college.


Textbooks may be purchased at the Milligan College Bookstore. The Bookstore accepts checks, cash, money orders, Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard. The cost of textbooks generally ranges from $500 to $700 per semester, depending upon the major.

Student Financial Services offers a program that allows students to charge their textbooks directly to their student account using the Textbook Voucher Option. Students may make this choice on the Statement Option Form enclosed with the Student Statement prior to each semester. Students MUST use financial aid in excess of charges to cover books, or elect to pay an additional amount to cover books. Please contact the Milligan College Bookstore or Student Financial Services Office for details.