Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Admission Policies & Financial Information

Updated Fall 2013

The minimum requirements for admission to the MBA program include:

The admissions committee meets periodically throughout the year to evaluate applications. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of Graduate Admissions-MBA or the MBA Program Coordinator for upcoming deadlines relative to admission.

The admissions committee evaluates applicants on the overall merit of all admissions criteria. The committee allows strengths in some areas to compensate for weaknesses in another area. The overall intent is to admit students who the admissions committee believes will contribute effectively to the overall cohort and who are considered to have high potential for success in a graduate program.

Transfer Credit

Due to the nature of the program, transfer credit will be considered only on an individual basis by the MBA Director and chair of the Business Area. A maximum of three courses from other regionally accredited graduate business and economics programs with a grade of B (3.0) or better may be considered for transfer to the Milligan MBA program.

Unconditional Acceptance

Applicants who meet all admissions criteria are admitted unconditionally to the MBA program. Cohort positions are reserved in the order in which the Enrollment Confirmation form and enrollment deposit are received. If space is not available in the requested cohort, the applicant is placed on a waiting list or, alternatively, admitted to the next scheduled cohort.

Conditional Acceptance

Students may be accepted to the MBA program on a conditional basis, pending the completion of any or all of the following requirements specified by the MBA Admissions Committee:

  • prerequisite course(s)
  • acceptable GMAT score
  • other preparations specified by the MBA Admissions Committee

Upon completion of all requirements, and at the discretion of the MBA Admissions Committee, the applicant will either be granted unconditional acceptance or be declined for the program. All requirements must be completed and appropriate documentation received by the deadline(s) set by the MBA Admissions Committee for an applicant to receive consideration for the requested cohort.

Applicant Deferral Policy

MBA applicants who have been conditionally or unconditionally accepted have two years from the date on the initial acceptance letter to satisfactorily complete any necessary prerequisites and to matriculate as Milligan MBA students. If the applicant does not matriculate to Milligan within the time specified, it will be necessary to reapply to the program.

Temporary Withdrawal and Readmission

Because of the nature of the program, students are encouraged to maintain continuous enrollment after beginning classes. Realizing that extenuating circumstances may occur that require a student to withdraw temporarily from the program, there is a provision for one such withdrawal.

Students who determine that it is necessary to withdraw from the program must notify the MBA Director and/or the MBA Program Coordinator. Written rationale for the decision to withdraw must be given by the student. That written request is attached to a withdrawal form that is routed to the appropriate college offices by the MBA Program Coordinator. The official date of the withdrawal is determined by the date the written request is received by the MBA Director or the MBA Program Coordinator.

Students who withdraw from the MBA program receive “Ws” for any uncompleted courses in the semester in which they are enrolled at the time of the withdrawal. The grade of “F” is recorded for a student who withdraws after the withdrawal deadline. The withdrawal deadline is determined on a semester basis by the Registrar’s Office.

Students receiving financial aid who choose to withdraw from a course or from the program must understand that their decision can have significant consequences related to financial aid. Any refund of tuition or fees in case of withdrawal is governed by the refund policy in the finances section of the catalog. The registrar makes any exceptions to stated academic withdrawal policy.

In order to be readmitted, students must have the approval by the MBA Director. Students must request readmission within three years of withdrawing. Readmission is granted pending space availability at the appropriate point in a subsequent cohort. Graduation requirements in effect at the time of readmission will apply.

Please see the Milligan College Catalog regarding implications of withdrawal and/or readmission for recipients of financial aid.

Academic Probation and Retention Standards

Retention in the MBA program is based upon academic performance and adherence to the college’s code of academic integrity. Specific standards include but are not limited to:

No refunds or adjustments to tuition and fee charges are granted to persons dismissed from the program for reasons related to academic performance or integrity.

Financial Information

Graduate tuition is $18,400 for the full program (or $575 per credit hour). A non-refundable $30 application fee is required with the application. Applicants who are accepted in the program are required to submit a completed Enrollment Confirmation form and $150 non-refundable deposit by the deadline stated in their letter of acceptance. Cohort positions are reserved in the order in which these items are received. Students are required to pay a $75 lifetime academic records fee in the first semester. There are no other mandatory or course fees for this program.

Students must make appropriate payment arrangements with the Business Office prior to the start of classes. Please refer to the Financial Information section of the catalog for payment and refund information.

Financial Aid is available. Students should refer to the Financial Aid section of the catalog for information regarding general eligibility requirements, aid available for students enrolled in graduate programs, award criteria for the programs available, etc. Any questions students may have regarding financial aid may be addressed by contacting the Financial Aid Office, 800-447-4880.