Computer Information Systems –Mobile

Admission Policies and Financial Information

Updated Fall 2013

Admission Criteria
CIS-M applicants must complete the ADCP application (if degree seeking) and must meet all qualifications of the ADCP Program. Non-degree-seeking students must complete the Special Admissions application. All applications will be processed by the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Second Bachelor’s Degree
A student who holds the bachelor’s degree in another field may elect to earn a second bachelor’s degree in order to have a major in computer information systems. Students seeking a second degree must complete all thirty-nine semester hours in the major at Milligan College and meet all the college’s general education requirements (see General Education Requirements). Students who seek a second bachelor’s degree may be eligible for financial aid. Questions regarding financial aid for a second degree are directed to the Financial Aid Office (423.461.8949 or 800.447.4880).

Certificate in Computer Information Systems
Persons who have completed a degree at Milligan College or elsewhere who return to complete the course that comprise the CIS-M major or a person who may currently work in the IT field and wishes to update their skills may complete the courses listed below without completing a degree. The Certificate in Computer Information Systems offers recognition of completion of the CIS-M courses.

Tuition and Fees  
Application fee (non-refundable) $30
Tuition per semester hour $285
Lifetime academic records fee $75
Technology access fee (per term) $90

Students who complete courses in addition to the major may register for additional courses at Milligan College. Tuition charges are based upon the current rate multiplied by the number of credit hours attached to the course(s).

Repeating Courses

Any student who must or wishes to repeat a course may do so on a space available basis. Tuition is paid for any repeated courses at the current tuition rate for the group with which the student will meet for that repeated course. See Course Repeat Policy under Academic Policies in this Catalog.

Tuition Reimbursement

All students who use tuition reimbursement from their employer to pay their tuition must present a letter from the employer stating the company’s reimbursement policy and the employee’s eligibility. Milligan College will work with the student and the employer and does not require tuition payment in advance.

Institutional Scholarships

Institutional scholarships are not available for students pursuing CIS-M. CIS-M students are eligible to apply for state and federal tuition assistance programs, for employer reimbursement when applicable, and any other scholarship programs.


Audits of CIS-M courses are not allowed.