Information Technology

Updated Spring 2014


Milligan College has installed a campus local area computer network, MCNet, that links all residence hall rooms with faculty and staff offices in addition to providing access to the internet, application programs, and library services.

Milligan College students may either connect a computer they bring to campus in their residence hall room or use a computer in one of the campus computer labs. In addition, many buildings on campus (e.g. P.H. Welshimer Memorial Library, Derthick Hall, Webb Hall, Joe and Laura McCormick Dining Center, McMahan Student Center) have wireless access, and students’ laptops can access the network through those wireless connections by securing an access code from the Office of Information Technology. Residence hall room computers may be connected to MCNet, provided that the student’s computer conforms to minimum requirements (available from the Information Technology Department). Lab computers are already connected to MCNet. Examples of software available in the computer labs include Microsoft Office (e.g., Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) and other application programs specific to certain courses. Email accounts are provided for students so that they may send and receive email both locally and across the internet.

For official communication, including any communication from Milligan offices or Milligan faculty to students, the email address issued by Milligan College will be the only email address used. Notices sent by official Milligan email will be considered adequate and appropriate communication. It is incumbent on students to check their official Milligan email regularly.

The Milligan College Computer Use Policy outlines expected behavior when using the computer network. Students are expected to conform to provisions outlined in the policy, a copy of which is available on the Milligan College Information Technology web site.

For further information or answers to questions, contact Information Technology Help Desk by calling 423.461.8704, emailing at or visiting the Milligan College Information Technology Web site at

MCNet in the Residence Hall Rooms

Each residence hall room has a network connection for each bed to provide access from the students’ own computers to the campus network. The computer must have an approved Ethernet network adapter card installed. These cards can be purchased in the college Bookstore. Students are responsible for installation of network adapters and protocols. The Information Technology Department will furnish necessary information pertaining to network access.

For the recommended minimum computer configuration for connecting to the network, call 423.461.8704 or visit the Milligan College Information Technology Web site at:

Because of limited resources and staff, Milligan College has standardized on Intel architecture and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Therefore, Milligan College does not recommend that students connect Macintosh or other non-Intel based computers to MCNet. However, students with Macintosh or other non-Intel based computers are permitted to connect to MCNet on the condition that no support is to be expected from the Information Technology Department. The Information Technology Department guarantees only a connection to the plug in the residence hall room. Connecting a Macintosh or other non-Intel based computer limits the student to only email and Internet access. For further information or answers to questions, contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 423.461.8704 or email

Computer Labs

A variety of networked computer labs and accessories (letter-quality printers, scanners, etc.) are located on campus, some exclusively for public student use and some for specific instructional purposes.  In addition, there is a mixture of fixed and mobile units, which enable both instructors and students to address a variety of educational configurations. 

The central teaching building, Derthick Hall, has 1) a teaching lab with 28 PCs, a printer, and a scanner; 2) an open lab with 10 PCs and a printer, 3) a non-production lab on the 3rd floor dedicated to CIS personnel and instructional classes; and 4) a single-terminal computer kiosk and printer on the 2nd floor. 

Paxson Communication Center contains a Macintosh lab with 24 computers, a printer, an optical scanner, and a high quality printer with large carriage; the Macintosh lab is used primarily for communications courses.  A second Paxson lab is provided in the news room, with 3 Macintoshes, 2 PCs, and a printer. 

In Hardin Hall, there are 20 PCs with a printer; this equipment is prioritized for Nursing and M.S.O.T. students.  Hardin Hall also has an M.S.O.T. lab with 5 PCs and a printer. 

Wilson Auditorium has 25 mobile units for use specifically in Wilson Lecture Hall. 

The Seeger Chapel lab has 10 PCs connected to piano keyboards, plus aprinter and is used by music students. 

The Clark Education Center contains 3 computers and 11 mobile units, plus a printer; this equipment is prioritized for education students. 

In the Science Building, there are 3 PCs and a printer, as well as 2 PCs connected to analytical equipment used by science students. 

Finally, the P.H. Welshimer Library has 11 PCs, 15 laptops, and 3  networked printers (one per floor).

Assistance from the IT Help Desk is available by calling 423.461.8704 or emailing

Phone Service

Milligan College maintains its own phone network. Each room has its own private phone connection with voice mail. Phones, however, are not provided. For more information about phone service, contact the Information Technology department at 423.461.8704 or

Cable TV in the Residence Hall Rooms

Milligan College provides access to over 60 cable TV channels, including some that are operated by the Milligan College Communications Department. Each residence hall room has one cable TV outlet.

For more information about the cable TV network, contact the Information Technology department at 423.461.8704 or