Professional Studies


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that between 2008 and 2018, the largest segment of job growth in the United States will be in the area of Professional and Related Services. Positions in this category include various careers in management, financial, scientific, and consulting services. Furthermore, nearly half of the jobs expected to open during this time period will require at least the bachelor's degree.*

Salaries and lifetime earning power for workers with at least the bachelor's degree will continue significantly to outstrip the earning power of workers with less education, as seen in the chart below. Plus, a worker's likelihood of being unemployed is directly related to his or her level of education. Bottom line: the most effective pathway to a more dependable financial future is to finish your college degree!

Furthermore, these additional benefits continue to accrue over a lifetime of work. Recent estimates are that, over a lifetime of work, the average holder of a bachelor's degree will earn approximately two-thirds more in salary and benefits than a high school graduate working over the same period of time:


Recent graduates of Milligan’s adult degree completion program in business and its online CIS-Mobile program have been employed by Blackburn, Childers, and Steagall Accountants, Edward Jones, State Farm Insurance, Johnson City Federal Credit Union, Eastman Credit Union, Wellmont, Mountain States Health Alliance, Citi Group, Great Lakes Credit Union, and many others.

Salary Possibilities

While salaries for all positions vary by company and by geographical region, below are samples of salaries in industries in which recent Milligan graduates have found employment. Salaries for workers in various computer information systems fields continue to accelerate, since this is among the fastest growing industries in the nation.

Business Administration:

  • Accounting - average salaries start around $34K with little experience, with a mid-range of 54K
  • Personal Finance - starting at 32K with a mid range salary of 66K
  • Insurance Underwriters - starting 32K to mid range salary of 52K
  • Human Resources - 26K to mid range salary of 52K
  • Credit Analyst - 32K to mid range of 52K
  • Loan Officers - 29K to mid range of 52K

Computer Information Systems:

  • Programmers - 39K to mid range of 65K
  • Software Engineer - 50K to mid range of 80K
  • Computer Support Specialist - 25K to mid range 41K
  • Computer Systems Analyst - 43K to mid range 70K
  • Network Administrators - 39K with mid range of 62K
  • Ops Research Analyst - 39K to mid range 65K

Career Development

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